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DMG DentaMile Print Service

Scanned. Printed. Delivered. The DentaMile Print Service

Get started now! The DentaMile Print Service, which now supplements our digital range, promises quick entry into the digital workflow - even if you don't have your own printer.

We create high precision 3D prints from your design data with our DentaMile system and provide fast delivery.

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Trial access and free print

30-day trial access!
Includes the following services

1 free print*
1 free delivery**
Access to:
Occlusal splint workflow
Bleaching tray workflow
File transfer
Visible network

Take advantage of our free 30-day trial access offer and the unique opportunity to receive a free print incl. delivery.
There's nothing easier! Register for a trial access and upload your 3D design data to DentaMile. The DentaMile file transfer makes it easy to transfer your data to our Print Service.
We will then print your design and send it to an address of your choice for free by UPS. You could also try out our “Occlusal splint workflow” or “Bleaching tray workflow” design modules and, at the end of the process, send the finished design data to our Print Service.
You can try out all workflows for 30 days without any commitment.

* Only in conjunction with the DentaMile Print Service trial access 
** This offer currently only applies to delivery within Germany.

How it works:

First time user?

It only takes a moment to register and get access to the DentaMile Connect Portal.

  • To get started, please fill out the Print Service registration form.
  • You will then be sent an email with your access details.

Already a DentaMile customer with a Creator+, Designer or Producer licence?

  • To get started, please fill out the Print Service registration form.
  • We will then link our Print Service to your account as quickly as possible and let you know by email when it is ready to use.

Order a print from the Print Service:

Once you have registered and received your access details you can log into DentaMile Connect. Under “File Transfer”, you can then create a patient case and upload the relevant 3D design data you want to use for the print.

Data protection notice: Needless to say that only you will be able to see the patient data. All of the data will always be anonymised when it is submitted for a print order. This means that all we are able to see is the automatically generated order number.


In order to create the print, you will need to provide us with an STL design data file.

Please refer to the information provided on the product page for the required basic parameters specific to the relevant materials and print objects.

A patient case can be assigned several print files. This could include a file for the model.


Occlusal splints and bleaching trays that have been created with the relevant DentaMile Connect modules can be directly sent to the Print Service from the dashboard. (Requires a Designer or Producer licence)

Quality promise:

DMG is an ISO-certified company with 60 years of experience in the dental sector, which is reflected by our quality solutions. We always carefully monitor and validate our digital workflows by taking into account all of the components involved in our internal Digital Application Centre.

Product range / print services

*Supplied with support structures. Needs to be finished manually.

The advantages of our Print Service:

Go digital without a printer

No capital investment.
No maintenance.
No print-job handling.

Validated printing

Your design, printed with utmost precision with the DMG Dentamile system

Fast delivery

Orders are generally dispatched within 24 h

Save time by outsourcing

No staff needed. No training. No downtimes.

Personalised service

At our DMG Digital Service Centre, all of our customers are personally attended to by one of our experienced digital experts.


Our 3D printing services offer a great deal of flexibility.

Cloud-based data transfer

Encrypted data transfer. Guaranteed GDPR-compliant.

Premium quality

For nearly 60 years, DMG has stood for “Quality. Quality. Quality”.

Open system

Create your design with our Dentamile Workflows or a software of your choice.

Made in Hamburg

DMG and Hamburg have always belonged together. The west of Hamburg has been our home from the outset.

When things need to get done fast:

Delivery options

To make sure that you receive your prints as quickly as possible, we always send them by UPS.
You can also choose standard or express delivery when placing your order.

Standard delivery charge across Germany: € 4.95 + € 0.90 fuel supplement / Delivered within approx. 1-2 working days
Express delivery charge across Germany: € 7.95 + € 1.94 fuel supplement / Delivered within approx. 1 working day

Basic parameters for design data

  • Minimum wall thickness 2 mm
  • Maximum material thickness 7 mm
  • Minimum wall thickness for die sockets 1 mm
  • Base height 2-5 mm
  • In models without a palate, it will be necessary to create a distal bridge
  • Minimum model height for die models 21 mm
  • Maximum total model height of 35 mm
  • It is recommended to provide drain holes in hollow models (optional)
  • The component needs to be labelled such that it can be clearly linked it to the relevant order.
  • Bottom side of the die parallel to the base of the model
  • It is recommended to use tapered dies
  • Minimum thickness 1.5 mm
  • Maximum wall thickness 7 mm
  • Minimum thickness 1 mm
  • Minimum thickness 1 mm
  • Maximum wall thickness 7 mm
  • Minimum thickness 1.5 mm
  • We recommend a bridge for partial jaw models for maximum precision
  • Maximum wall thickness 7 mm
  • Minimum wall thickness 1.5 mm
  • Maximum wall thickness 7 mm

Do you have questions?

The DMG Service Center Digital will be happy to assist you!