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Intuitive, precise, efficient:

Quick and easy 3D printing of precision-fit bleaching trays with DentaMile

Convenient for patients, cost-effective for you: Discover the world’s first cloud-based workflow specifically designed for bleaching trays. The DentaMile connect CAD/CAM software allows you to intuitively create custom-fit bleaching trays and generate the 3D design and print data. The result: 3D-printed bleaching trays without the need for vacuum forming, with high-precision reservoirs and excellent marginal sealing.

The bleaching tray workflow – it’s this simple

Software, hardware and materials interact perfectly in the digital workflows based on the DMG DentaMile principle. Our DentaMile connect software guides you through the individual stages of designing a custom bleaching tray in a reliable and easy-to-understand way. 

You can see just how easy it is in the following video and in the step-by-step instructions below:

Instructions for 3D-printed bleaching trays:

  1. Scan the patient’s dentition.
  2. Automatically transfer the patient case to DentaMile connect.
  3. Use the software to design a custom bleaching tray that fits your patient perfectly in just three simple steps (define the occlusal plane, determine the reservoirs, set the tray margins).
  4. Send the file to your DentaMile 3D printing system and print the bleaching tray with the matching material (LuxaPrint Ortho Flex).

Your patient then inserts their custom tray and follows the bleaching programme until the planned result is achieved – either directly at your dental clinic or conveniently at home.

Tip: Don't have a 3D printer of your own? Not a problem. Just use the DentaMile Print Service or send the file with the finished tray design to your DentaMile partner laboratory, who will print the tray for you. The DentaMile connect network makes it easy for you to find a partner laboratory and share your STL files securely using the file transfer function. 

Extra tip: Combine bleaching with the DMG Icon infiltration treatment. This allows you to achieve particularly impressive aesthetic results for caries-related white spots, trauma and fluorosis – more information on this can be found further down.

DMG DentaMile bleaching tray vs. thermoplastic tray

A 3D-printed bleaching tray created using DMG DentaMile whitens teeth more efficiently than a thermoplastic tray. This is because the bleaching gel stays where it is supposed to with a 3D-printed tray: on the teeth. 

The reservoirs are so well sealed that the risk of leaking gel and resulting gum irritation is minimal. Entry of saliva, which can dilute the gel and impair its effect, is also minimised. 

Take a look at our direct comparison and see for yourself.

DMG DentaMile bleaching tray

3D-printed bleaching tray with sealed reservoir margin and controlled bleaching gel positioning:

Thermoplastic bleaching tray:

Thermoplastic tray – uncontrolled bleaching gel distribution and gum irritation:

»It is only thanks to 3D printing that bleaching trays can be created with precision-fit gel reservoirs and exact marginal seals. As well as ensuring efficient bleaching, this also protects the gums from harmful influences such as irritation caused by leaking gel.«

Discover the benefits for you and your patients

Benefits for your patients

  • Convenience: A quick, convenient treatment process that can be scheduled as part of a check-up or dental hygiene appointment. 
  • Time savings: Scanning, creating and printing the bleaching tray can be done on the same day. If the dental clinic has its own 3D printer, the finished bleaching tray can be given to the patient directly. 
  • Optimal results: Efficient, custom-fit DentaMile bleaching trays whiten teeth evenly without irritating the gums.

Benefits for dental clinic + laboratory

  • Economical:  Less work and materials required, lower costs for you and your patients.
  • Efficiency: Design precise, custom-fit bleaching trays and 3D-print them in just a few simple steps. 
  • Convenience: No need to create and prepare dental models or to vacuum form trays.  
  • Complete package from a single source: Everything you need is included in the DMG DentaMile portfolio: validated workflows, suitable materials, high-performance 3D printers and post-processing units.

Bleaching tray workflow and infiltration treatment with Icon: It’s a match!

Bleaching is much more than just a cosmetic treatment. Because: the aesthetic improvement has a direct impact on the patient’s quality of life. 

Do you need a result that goes beyond tooth whitening? Is the patient experiencing caries-related white spots, fluorosis or trauma? Then a combination of bleaching and infiltration with Icon is the ideal solution. Particularly impressive aesthetic results can be achieved with this approach.

»Combining bleaching and Icon infiltration according to a defined treatment plan has allowed me to achieve maximum patient satisfaction in terms of aesthetics as well as statistically significant results.«

Michael Wicht

Benefit from being well networked - with or without your own 3D printer

The flexible DentaMile usage model offers you different demand-oriented options. You decide how you want to participate in the digital workflow - even without your own 3D printer. Successfully network, delegate print jobs or receive print jobs? No problem.

More about the options: DentaMile connect licences

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