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DentaMile connect

Cloud-based CAD/CAM software with validated workflows for smooth processes

Our cloud-based CAD/CAM software DentaMile connect makes it easy for dentists and dental technicians to connect with each other as required, without physical or technical barriers getting in the way. DMG’s developed software also simplifies dental 3D printing for everyone involved thanks to its validated workflows for bleaching trays and bite splints. Technology is therefore easily and efficiently integrated into everyday working life. 

Want to find out exactly how DentaMile connect works, what your usage options are and what validated workflows involve? Simply click on the links in the following overview to find out more.

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Fast, intuitive, validated

How DentaMile connect works

DentaMile connect is cloud-based software for the additive CAD/CAM manufacture of dental devices such as bite splints and bleaching trays. Thanks to DentaMile connect, 3D printing has been simplified to such an extent that the technology can be easily incorporated into everyday working environments – both in dental clinics and dental laboratories.

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3D the way I want it

the flexible DentaMile connect usage options 

The various usage options offered by DentaMile connect allow you to flexibly integrate dental 3D printing into your workflows in exactly the way that works best for you. A computer and an internet connection are all you need to log into the cloud-based software and start connecting and collaborating with dentists and partner laboratories. 

Do you want to upload STL files and create patient cases, but then delegate the design and printing? Or are you keen to design print objects yourself and hand over the 3D printing and post-processing? Or perhaps you prefer taking care of all the steps yourself? Any combination is possible.

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Simple, fast, efficient 

Bleaching tray workflow 

The DMG DentaMile workflow specifically designed for bleaching trays allows you to print custom-fit 3D bleaching trays with highly accurate reservoirs and excellent marginal seals. The bleaching gel therefore stays where it is supposed to: on the teeth. The risk of gum irritation or gel dilution is significantly reduced compared to deep-drawn thermoplastic bleaching trays.

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Bite splint workflow 

The DentaMile connect software's validated digital bite splint workflow enables the creation of precision-fit dental splints for a variety of purposes: adjusted bite splints for the upper or lower jaw, grinding splints to treat bruxism, CMD bite splints and mouthguards to treat snoring and sleep apnoea. All of these are easily possible with just one patient session.

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Multifile printing

The multifile printing extension in DentaMile connect allows you to print several dental 3D objects at once, saving you valuable time.

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Software, hardware, materials: you can download a PDF of the complete DMG DentaMile digital workflow solution here.


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