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Header: Product 3Dewash

DMG 3Dewash

For precise cleaning of the printed objects

Cleaning unit for the systematic and standardised cleaning of printed objects according to manufacturer specifications to support process reliability.

The 3Dewash cleaning tray is large enough to allow objects printed using 3Delite to be further processed on the building plate.

The advantages of DMG 3Dewash:

  • Fast and fully automatic cleaning
  • No contact with sticky resins and cleaning fluids
  • Certified workflows
  • Touch-display control
  • Computer-controlled programs ensure the most effective use of cleaning fluids

Technical data

Size (W/D/H) 335 x 460 x 310 mm (incl. swap box)
Volume 130 x 75 x 60 mm
Working time between 4-8 minutes, depending on the material
Cleaning agent Isopropanol or methyl alcohol, depending on the material
Connections WLAN/LAN
Weight approx. 8 kg


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Software, hardware, materials: you can download a PDF of the complete DMG DentaMile digital workflow solution here.


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DMG 3Dewash

1 Cleaning unit DMG 3Dewash REF 170316


3Dewash Bottle Holder Cover REF 170336
LuxaPrint Clean IPA 6x800 ml REF 170291
Empty bottle IPA 3Dewash 6x800ml REF 170343


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