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DentaMile connect – multifile printing

Seamless integration
Direct printing
Multifile printing

Digital Solutions

DentaMile connect direct printing

  • For sending final files directly from the design workflow to a DMG 3D printer
  • Does not require any knowledge of nesting
  • Does not require any knowledge of adding support structures
  • Fully automated print order preparation

DentaMile connect multifile printing

  • Automated function for nesting several DentaMile connect designs
  • Automated case number-based ID tag generation
  • Does not require any knowledge of nesting
  • For directly sending designs to a DMG 3D printer

Multifile printing workflow

Watch our video to see for yourself how easy and effective our DentaMile multifile printing workflow is. 


Multifile printing is the desired addition to the existing features of direct printing. Multifile printing not only makes it possible to send DentaMile connect designs directly to a connected DMG 3D printer - without any need to position them and add support structures - but also to prepare multiple DentaMile connect designs for 3D printing in a very easy way. It also makes it possible to send ready-prepared print jobs directly to a connected DMG 3D printer, without any need for an understanding of nesting, just as is possible when using the direct printing function.


  • Scalable print area for all existing and future DMG 3D printers
  • For DentaMile connect designs
  • Filter function for material, indication, printed and ready-to-print cases
  • Drag'n Drop and checkbox selection
  • Automated nesting function
  • Manual configuration options
  • Warning and additional information indicators

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