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Header image: DentaMile concept

Fast. Intuitive. Validated.

The DMG DentaMile concept.

An integrated approach: the DMG DentaMile portfolio, based on five decades of experience, offers all the components needed for an efficient digital workflow from one source.

The ultimate goal is to achieve the use of 3D printing technology without technical barriers. This is an efficient and cost-effective way to open up access to modern dental care for a broad user group.

All according to the DentaMile concept: Fast. Intuitive. Validated.

Your benefits with DMG DentaMile:

  • A comprehensive solution that is reliable, cost-effective and sustainable
  • Innovative, cloud-based workflow with the highest level of data security
  • Increased profitability due to process acceleration and the optimised collaboration between dental practice and dental laboratory
  • The opportunity to offer patients immediate solutions
  • Use of the DentaMile platform to exchange information 
  • Reliable, standardised and traceable manufacture of validated medical devices

The digital future cannot become a reality in day-to-day work until we have said goodbye to a multitude of individual solutions. What is needed is an integrated approach to a digital workflow for the practice and the lab that allows software, hardware and materials to interconnect perfectly. This is the DMG DentaMile Principle.


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