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3D printing to suit your needs:
the flexible DentaMile usage options

Printing your own 3D models? Networking with a dentist or a partner laboratory?  Just scanning? Or designing digital models as well? You can get involved in the digital workflow no matter what you're doing. Our award-winning DentaMile connect software’s flexible usage model offers you an outstanding range of options. You decide what you’d like to do – and which usage option is right for you.

What 3D capabilities do you need?

DentaMile connect’s Creator and Creator Plus usage options allow you to create patient cases, upload STL files and then delegate the cases for design and printing.

The Designer usage option also allows users to design print objects, (e.g. splints) independently.

If you’d like to work your way through all the steps in the digital workflow, including 3D printing and post-processing, then the Producer usage option is the perfect product for you.

All the options allow you to work together with dentists and partner laboratories as part of a network. The DentaMile connect software is cloud-based and doesn’t have any special system requirements. So you can get stuck right into 3D printing. All you need is a standard computer and an internet connection.

Dental 3D printing is easy. With DentaMile connect.

Your options with DentaMile connect at a glance

Features included Creator Creator Plus Designer
Producer Recommendation
Creating patient data and uploading STL files
Design workflow
(including virtual articulator)
Automated 3D printing
Sharing and delegating cases
Connections to other DentaMile connect users Limited to one connection to a Designer or Producer licence holder Unlimited connections to Designer and Producer licence holders Max. 15 connections to Creator licence holders; unlimited connections to Creator Plus and Producer licence holders Unlimited connections to Creator, Creator Plus and Designer licence holders
Cloud storage 5 GB 5 GB 5 GB 5 GB
Free updates
Service and support
Annual subscription price €75 for the first year,
then €125 thereafter
€250 €750 €1,250

The minimum contract term for all usage options is 12 months.
The contract will be automatically renewed at a charge for a further contract period if it is not terminated in writing by one of the parties at least three months before the end of the contract.

Work together!

Integrate 3D printing into your digital workflow - even without your own 3D printer.

Design, print and delegate:

you can do it all with DentaMile connect's various workflow options.

DentaMile connect

connects dentists and laboratories around the globe. In just a few clicks you can send scans, which can then be easily used to create designs in DentaMile connect and finally produce 3D-printed objects.

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