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DMG DentaMile resins

LuxaPrint Ortho Flex

Light-curing 3D printing resin for the additive fabrication of flexible trays, e.g. bleaching trays, as part of a digital workflow. Classified as a Class I medical device.

  • Optimally elastic 
  • Highly tear-resistant and unbreakable 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Transparent aesthetics 

Better bleaching trays with LuxaPrint Ortho Flex

LuxaPrint Ortho Flex’s excellent resilience and other key properties make all the difference, especially when it comes to bleaching trays. This material makes it possible to print high-precision reservoirs with excellent marginal sealing, leaving the bleaching gel where it should be: on the teeth.

The risk of gum irritation due to escaping gel is minimised and virtually no saliva gets into the reservoirs. The bleaching agent is therefore able to work undiluted for the best possible teeth whitening results. And it can’t get much better than that!

Flexible trays made to the highest quality

LuxaPrint Ortho Flex is extremely elastic, dimensionally stable, unbreakable and especially tear resistant. These properties make the material ideal for 3D printing flexible trays, including: 

  • Custom bleaching trays 
  • Transfer trays for the indirect bonding of brackets 

Trays 3D-printed using LuxaPrint Ortho Flex are also easy to clean, neutral in taste and odour, and they barely discolour.

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LuxaPrint Ortho Flex

Transparent, 385 nm

1 Bottle @ 1000 g REF 170252
1 Bottle @ 500 g REF 170250
1 Bottle @ 200 g REF 170273


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