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"Validation in dental 3D printing“: Technical paper on the importance of validation published

The specialist magazine "das dental labor" has dealt intensively with the topic of 3D printing in recent issues. In the just published ninth part of the article series "Fascination 3D Printing", the aspect of validation is now examined in more detail.

We at DMG are particularly happy about this contribution. On the one hand, because the validation of digital workflows with the inclusion of all components is really essential in order to obtain reliably accurate results. On the other hand, because the authors of the technical article are not only proven experts, but also colleagues: Dr Jens Träger and Kai Billerbeck both work in the DMG Digital Application Center where digital applications are tested and validated.

The authors of the article explain why DLP technology is particularly suitable for dental 3D printing. It is shown how important the tuning and validation of the process parameters and the precise measurement of the components obtained are. The relevant aspect of biocompatibility is also highlighted. But - read for yourself ...

You can find the complete article as a PDF here.