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New validated 3D printing opportunities thanks to DMG’s collaboration with Ackuretta

Greater flexibility and validated safety for users: a collaboration between DMG and Ackuretta Technologies makes it all possible. Several 3D printing resins from DMG's successful LuxaPrint family of products have been validated for use in the innovative Ackuretta printer SOL.

The extremely precise DMG materials LuxaPrint Model, LuxaPrint Gingiva, LuxaPrint Cast and LuxaPrint Tray can be used right away on the SOL printer made by the 3D printing specialist Ackuretta Technologies. “This is great news for everyone who relies on quality, safety and efficiency in the digital workflow”, says Fawad Neiro, Product Manager Digital Solutions at DMG.


More options in the validated digital workflow
“Expanding the Ackuretta material library with our LuxaPrint materials offers users attractive options for diverse areas of application”, says Neiro. After extensive validation by the DMG Digital Application Center, a wide variety of highly specialised materials with different layer thicknesses is now available in order to meet a large range of different 3D printing requirements. Reliable and safe.


LuxaPrint Model allows 3D production of precise and aesthetic dental models. Alongside the established colour option “beige”, the material is now also available in “grey”, which offers high opacity and good contrast to the restoration.

LuxaPrint Cast is the material of choice for the 3D manufacture of residue-free burn-out moulds. The resin's dimensional stability ensures problem-free casting and minimises the risk of cracks.*

LuxaPrint Tray facilitates the production of individual impression trays: it is fast to print, exceptionally stable and delivers a precise fit.

LuxaPrint Gingiva enables precise gingival masks in a fully digital workflow. The 3D print material is dimensionally stable, tear-resistant and offers optimal elasticity.


The validated material parameters of the Ackuretta printer SOL ensure reliable results every time you print.


Complete 3D printing solutions from DMG

With the DentaMile portfolio, DMG offers a complete package for validated 3D printing, designed for everyday use. The range of solutions on offer encompasses the cloud-based DentaMile connect software and modern 3D printers as well as coordinated post-processing units and the comprehensive LuxaPrint material family.


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*Validation in progress