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LuxaPrint Ortho Plus: Application Note now available

LuxaPrint Ortho Plus is the specialist DMG material for the manufacturing of transparent splints and orthodontic appliances using 3D printing. Our Application Note, which is now available at shows how to achieve the best results.

Our Application Note is a detailed, clear application guide in PDF form, on 22 pages, with many illustrations and valuable tips and tricks from the dental practice.

In the Application Note for LuxaPrint Ortho Plus, we present our validated DentaMile workflow, which you can use to easily and reliably achieve a result that meets the high requirements of a medical device. The workflow for creating occlusal splints is shown step-by-step, from scanning to post-processing of the printed object.

As user of our material, you can be sure that you will always deliver work of the highest quality.

The LuxaPrint Ortho Plus Application Note is now available as freely downloadable PDF here.