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NEW: Case report “A new era in dental aesthetics”

Before and after the treatment with bleaching and Icon Vestibular

We at DMG DentaMile could tell you lots about our unique bleaching tray workflow and how well the infiltration treatment with Icon Vestibular works with it. We could also tell you about the highly aesthetic results and how the combination of tooth whitening and a micro-invasive procedure will give your patient a beaming smile. But how would you know we are telling the truth? What do your colleagues who use it on a daily basis in their dental practices say?

You can now read all about this in the exciting case report by Dr Anna Babczyńska-Staszewska. In “A new era in dental aesthetics: Bleaching trays manufactured using 3D printing and micro-invasive solutions”, the dentist describes the case of a patient who suffered from white spots on the upper incisors and wanted an aesthetic smile. But did the procedure deliver impressive results? Download the free PDF of the case report today and see for yourself.


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