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“3D the way I want it” with DMG DentaMile

Adaptable digital workflows for dental technicians and dentists that provide real support for day-to-day work – that’s what DMG DentaMile stands for.

At DMG, we focus on the needs of the user; workflows have to be adaptable to individual requirements. Other key aspects that have been factored into the workflow design include simplified communication and collaboration so that the benefits of 3D printing are even more tangible.

First cloud-based workflow specifically for bleaching trays
The DentaMile bleaching tray workflow opens up new possibilities for convenient and economically-efficient dental care. The DentaMile connect software enables the creation of a precision-fit bleaching tray, including accurate custom reservoirs, in just a few steps. A significant amount of work and material costs are saved in comparison to the conventional method of production. Design and printing can either take place in-house or be delegated to a networked partner via the cloud.

3D-printed models made easy
The new DentaMile model workflow enables straightforward integration of existing design software. This offers DentaMile connect users easy access to the benefits of the validated model workflow. High volumes can now also be efficiently produced via our new DentaMile Lab5 and Lab5 Pro printers. To achieve such volumes, the devices offer an especially large build platform, as well as the option of printing several print jobs automatically in succession.

Well-connected labs and practices: Assign and receive design/print orders
As a user, you decide how you want to be part of the DentaMile digital workflow – even if you don't have your own 3D printer. The network provided by the cloud-based DentaMile connect software allows you to easily connect with partners, delegate design and print orders, and also receive them. As a result, the digital workflow within the DentaMile network also offers new business relationship opportunities.

The right materials and coordinated hardware
DentaMile workflows encompass all the components required for dental 3D printing. In addition to the DentaMile connect software itself, this includes high-performance 3D printers, coordinated post-processing units and high-quality materials. Such materials include the flexible LuxaPrint Ortho Flex for bleaching trays and the high-precision LuxaPrint Model for the production of dental models. The result is a validated workflow with optimal process reliability that is suitable for everyday use.

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