DMG DentaMile – 3D printing redefined.

Fast. Intuitive. Validated.

The digital future cannot become a reality in day-to-day work until we have said goodbye to a multitude of individual solutions. What is needed is an integrated approach to a digital workflow for the practice and the lab that allows software, hardware and materials to interconnect perfectly. Efficient and reliable

At DMG, we are fully committed to this concept. In everything we do. From cloud-based software and 3D printers to post-processing units and materials. We call this the “DMG DentaMile Concept ”.

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»The reduction of complexity in the digital workflow is as substantial as the transfer of proven material properties into the digital world. We’re working on this.«

Profile picture: Britta Meister Petuker
Teaser: DentaMile for dental laboratories

DentaMile for dental laboratories

DentaMile makes the communication with practices easier and optimises the efficiency. What’s in it for you:

  • Efficient standardised fabrication of validated medical devices
  • Increased efficiency without any further demands on space and infrastructure
  • Easy adaptation to different customer requirements
  • Minimal space and infrastructure requirements
  • Quick and easy exchange of information between all parties involved
  • Positioning as an innovative laboratory for customers
Teaser: DentaMile for dental practices

DentaMile for dental practices

DentaMile provides you with easy entry into dental 3D printing and opens up new opportunities for you, your team and your patients. What’s in it for you:

  • Quicker treatment options, including immediate semi-permanent solutions
  • Validated, standardised fabrication of medical devices with documentation
  • Reliability during the additive fabrication of splints
  • Quick and efficient workflows, plus new opportunities for delegating tasks
  • Positioning as an innovative practice for patients

»Intraoral scanning has become a standard procedure. What is key is coordination in workflows in the dental practice and with the dental lab.«

Profile picture: Dr. Barasel