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DMG DentaMile resins

LuxaPrint Base

Light-curing 3D printer resin for the additive fabrication of denture bases of all kinds in a digital workflow.

  • Extremely precise
  • Aesthetic
  • Durable

All options, long-term

LuxaPrint Base is certified as a Class IIa medical device. This opens up many options for your digital workflow: With this light-curing 3D printer resin you can manufacture reliable denture bases for long term treatments – problem-free, safe and durable.

Use LuxaPrint Base for:

  • full dentures
  • intermediate dentures
  • partial dentures

Extremely precise and aesthetic

Accuracy of fit, latest state of the art: Compared with manually produced denture bases, LuxaPrint Base offers better and consistently reproducible accuracy. The material's extremely low shrinkage is an especially convincing advantage, and it has exceptional dimensional stability.

The two shades – pink and dark pink – create a near-natural appearance.

Another aesthetic advantage: LuxaPrint Base is exceptionally easy to polish.

Coming soon – LuxaDent

LuxaPrint Base and Additive Base Bond are perfect partners for a perfect bond. They complement each other perfectly for a reliable and durable bond between denture teeth and additively manufactured denture bases.  To provide you with the best possible support in your daily work, we have put together a bundle of the two materials so that you can get started right away. The LuxaDent Bundle contains the matching materials LuxaPrint Base and Additive Base Bond:

  • Reliable adhesive bond
  • Perfectly color-coordinated with LuxaPrint Base
  • Easy application thanks to dropper bottle
  • Long-term stability

Light-curing material for bonding fabricated acrylic denture teeth or printed composite denture teeth to printed denture bases made of LuxaPrint Base.

Additive Base Bond significantly simplifies the bonding of denture teeth with a printed denture base made of LuxaPrint Base. The adhesive is easy to apply thanks to the dropper bottle and is cured in one step together with the denture base - this not only saves time, but also leads to the best results!

In terms of color, Additive Base Bond is optimally matched to LuxaPrint Base to support the esthetics of the restoration.

Order directly: LuxaPrint products are only available at DMG. Telephone (+49) (0) 800 / 364 426 2, or send your order to bestellung(at)

LuxaPrint Base

Pink, 385 nm

1 Bottle @ 1000 g REF 170245
1 Bottle @ 500 g REF 170243
1 Bottle @ 200 g REF 170280

Pink, 405 nm

1 Bottle @ 1000 g REF 170249
1 Bottle @ 500 g REF 170246
1 Bottle @ 200 g REF 170282

Dark pink, 385 nm

1 Bottle @ 1000 g REF 170244
1 Bottle @ 500 g REF 170242
1 Bottle @ 200 g REF 170283

Dark pink, 405 nm

1 Bottle @ 1000 g REF 170248
1 Bottle @ 500 g REF 170247
1 Bottle @ 200 g REF 170285


1 Bottle @ 1000 g
+ 10 g
REF 170295

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